Tuesday, August 21, 2007

e-mail to cnn

dear cnn,

i turned on the tv this morning to watch what was happening with hurricane dean.

who the hell is the twat in the studio? he is without doubt, one of the worst presenters i have ever had the misfortune to see and listen to.

“the good news is…” there is no good news when a category 5 hurricane makes landfall. a hurricane missing the united states doesn’t make it good! and people wonder why others abroad find americans offensive…this morning’s presenter possesses all the answers! the woman offers little more, but isn’t downright offensive.

his arrogant, plastic, chummy, and downright offensive drivel (which he obviously mistakes for cool charm) carried on from hurricane dean to the next news item, a story of a plane that burst into flames on a runway in japan and everyone somehow escaped.

‘the plastic’, as i shall now refer to this moron, interviews a marine that was on-board. the plastic cannot help himself and starts talking about how many tours of duty this soldier has done in iraq

at this point, i am unable to consume any more processed cheese from the plastic and turn the tv off, as i’m very close to vomiting.

get rid of the plastic!

this is why i watch the bbc…


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