Thursday, December 07, 2006

exactly WHY is this man smiling?

Bush Rejects Key Point of Iraq Panel’s Final Report

WASHINGTON, Dec. 7 — President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain on Thursday welcomed the new bipartisan report on Iraq, but the president seemed to resist the idea of withdrawing most combat troops before their work is done, saying that if the United States fails to establish a stable and secure Iraq, it will haunt Americans for years.

because somehow you think this is a redeemable situation?

When a British reporter asked him whether his choice of words showed that he was “still in denial about how bad things are in Iraq,” Mr. Bush made his feelings clear.

“Make no mistake about it, I understand how tough it is, sir. I talk to the families” of those who have died. “I also believe we’re going to succeed. I believe we’ll prevail,” he said.

yes. there is no mistake. HOW can he possibly believe his refusal to accept reality is going to succeed?. WHAT is it that makes him believe he’ll prevail?...

he is, without doubt, absolutely barking mad.

“One way to assure failure is just to quit, is not to adjust, and say it’s just not worth it,” he added. “If we were to fail, that failed policy will come to hurt generations of Americans in the future.”

er, you ARE failing. right now! now! now!...

While the study group’s report held out almost no hope for a military victory in Iraq, Mr. Bush disagreed.

“yeah, those guys are idiots! i mean, look how many iraqis we’ve killed! duh!”

But Mr. Bush cautioned that, “If people come to the table to discuss Iraq they need to come understanding their responsibilities to not fund terrorists, to help this young democracy survive, to help with the economics of the country.

“This young democracy”? oh, i’m sorry. i thought that thousands of iraqi citizens were being killed each month. economics? is there anybody left in baghdad that doesn’t know someone that’s been killed since the american led invasion? right now, i think the average iraqi is just trying to survive, but i’m sure they’re working night and day on plans for a stock market…

conclusion: i'd say a psycho-analytical profiling wouldn't go amiss at this point.

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