Wednesday, December 27, 2006

new york times enters the theater business

from the new york times:

Schwarzenegger’s Leg Is Repaired in Surgery

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Dec. 26 (AP) — Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s broken leg was put back together with wires and screws on Tuesday, and he should make a full recovery, though he will probably be on crutches during his inauguration next week, officials said.

Mr. Schwarzenegger will remain hospitalized for three days, and his full recovery will take about eight weeks, Dr. Ehrhart said

.…was put back together?, and will remain hospitalized for three days? what like his leg was in several pieces all over the mountain, give me a break!

this may come as a bit of a shock to hollywood and the new york times, but someone who actually really does have to have their leg put back together isn’t leaving a hospital in three weeks, let alone three days.....!

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