Sunday, December 31, 2006

yes, it's that time again...the 2006 nutty awards

nutty’s 2006 best, most, and worst-of-year awards:

most improved dj: tancred dickens (2005 winner. he means business!)

best record collection: tiernan (2005, 2004, 2003, 2002… winner)

most annoying neighbour: tancred dickens’ neighbour.

most promising natural product: a blazing red-hot chili pepper

biggest sporting disappointment: the washington redskins (again)

best sporting event attended
: ama superbike race alton, va

worst shopping experience: walmart @ alton, va

best individual sporting performance
: floyd llandis

best performance-enhancing drug user : see above

worst sporting coverage: nbc’s coverage of the winter olympics from turin, italy

best sporting audio heard: radio 5 alive coverage of england vs. france rugby game. referee turns to the england captain and says “i can’t be held responsible for the lack of skill in your team”

television, and the nfl, are still too busy stopping the game to advertise, and players drawing attention to themselves by showing off every time they do something right, to actually arrive at something approaching this level of non-visual coverage.

most absurd argument: intelligent design

best convincing argument: evolution (again)

most promising argument: climate change

most ridiculous indicator: the terrorist threat advisory (again)

worst person to hand a gun to: dick cheney

most worrying world leader: ...too easy

most aggressive supermodel: naomi campbell

most annoying tv ads: all pick up truck commercials

most annoying tv ad feature: a dead heat between the token black dude in food and car commercials, and the always-present fake sunshine, lighting up every smiling face, wherever they are, in every room, mysteriously at any angle, at any time. (that is some clever sunlight. i call it 'kennedy sunshine').

most absurd tv ad: cialis commercials (36 hours...)

best tv ad: lebron james nike pool commercial

best computer team: team nutty (of course)

best dinner party hosts: equal tie between kenny & milena, and redha & andrea

most discussed topic of party conversation: beesh’s ‘ain…


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