Wednesday, December 20, 2006

what can you can get for $3,805 these days?

from the new york times:

Cost of Wars Rises

Government spending on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will exceed the Bush administration’s original estimate of $110 billion for the 2007 fiscal year, and is likely to top $120 billion, White House officials said. That would set a record for annual wartime spending under President Bush. In an interview, the White House budget director, Rob Portman, said his original $110 billion estimate would “end up being low.” Congress has already approved $70 billion in emergency spending for the war, and Mr. Portman’s office is preparing an additional emergency request. Mr. Portman said he did not know what the final figure would be, but a senior administration official said it was “highly unlikely” that total wartime spending for 2007 would fall below the record $120 billion spent in 2006.

if those numbers don’t mean much to you, try $3,805 a second

that's $13,698,000 an hour...

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