Saturday, December 02, 2006

humans in denial - seeing the world as we would rather see it

from the bbc:

Row over Stradivarius 'secrets'

The professional descendants of "the king of violin-makers" have dismissed research that claims to have unmasked Antonio Stradivari's secret.

The Italian crafted over 1,000 violins, violas and violoncellos in the 1700s.

Experts have struggled to explain why the instruments sound so much better than anyone else's.

Researchers in the US said this week they believe a Stradivarius owes its distinct sound to a chemical treatment designed to kill woodworm and fungi.

But the BBC's Mark Duff in northern Italy says today's violin-makers in Stradivari's hometown Cremona - a small city in the floodplain of the river Po - are unimpressed.

One current violin-maker and restorer said it was absurd to try and reduce Stradivari's unique musical gift to a chemical reaction.

"What was the point of trying to dissect the beauty of a Strad?" asked another.

"To do so would be like trying to fathom the depths of Michelangelo's genius."

because that's what science does... try to explain the world around us.

that's the point!

i'm sure if i tried to make a violin, these very same people would tell me exactly what i was doing wrong, and if it's that easy to dissect 'ugliness' why does beauty count any differently?

humans. always inferring greater value to the things we like the most.

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