Wednesday, December 13, 2006

that's what i'm talking about!

from the bbc:

Final stage for telescope design

A project to build the world's biggest telescope has been given the go-ahead to move into its final design stage.

European Southern Observatory (Eso) officials have given approval for a detailed design study of the European Extremely Large Telescope to proceed.

The 57m euro (£38m) design study, will make it possible to start construction of the telescope in three years time.

The telescope's mirror will be 42m in diameter - four times bigger than any other currently in existence.

the telescope was originally to be built and operated in chile, home to some of the world’s largest optical telescopes, but scientists say they can extend the life of the telescope’s giant mirror by at least a thousand years by building and operating it in washington, d.c., because the crap skies there will ensure it will only get 11 days use a year…


Susan Abraham said...

Looks fantastic, Nutty.

nutty said...

hi susan,

i spotted a big meteor flashing overhead from the meteor shower about an hour ago!