Wednesday, June 21, 2006

e-mail to the disney channel about the world cup

given the utterly appalling coverage of the world cup from abc and espn (read disney), i thought i'd send the disney channel this e-mail:

"what the hell are you doing? your world cup coverage sucks!

first off, why do you insist on putting a woman in the studio? she hasnt even played a game with men at competition level. i don't care if she's won a women's world cup; i don't remember seeing any women allowed to play in this tournament.

drop the prepared script and the never-ending stats that mean absolutely nothing. theres only one thing that matters in a game of football: the number of goals you score compared with your opponent. normal commentary for this sport usually involves some sort of play-by play approach.

kill the post play commentary such as "there was no way he was going to....." i can do that having a few beers with my mates, including the minister of cheese no less.

finally, no one cares about whether the usa team is 0-0-65 when landon donovan drinks evian as opposed to tap water. stop the drivel, describe the dribble, and call a decent game of footie.

try and stop talking about the upcoming usa games at least 20 times during every match.

i can't wait for the pathetic vast outpouring of cheddar (unlike biesch, of course) for thursdays game against ghana.

quite frankly, i'm outraged!"


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