Monday, June 12, 2006

i'm stupid!


my name is big ben. in case you didn't know, i'm a superbowl quarterback with the pittsburgh steelers. i also ride a big heavy motorcycle without wearing a crash helmet (he he).

you know, it's the nfl rule that makes me wear a protective helmet on the field. wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle isn't against the law in pennsylvania. look at me; i'd look ridiculous wearing something that might save my life. totally not cool! the nfl is right to make us wear safety helmets; no professional would consider going into the game without one.

heck, i'm much more likely to get hurt on a football field, playing a game with medical attendents on the sidelines of lovingly-maintained grass, being hit by another highly paid professional football player, travelling at a breathtaking 8 mph, than i ever am on gentle asphalt-soft and friendly, danger-free public roads, that are full of highly trained and educated, considerate drivers, carefully in command of their lightweight environmentally-friendly vehicles, who are always paying attention, never talking on their cell 'phones, and always travelling well under the posted speed limit...i mean, if that wasn't he case, you'ld have to be absolutely barking to go out on a 700lb motorcycle. i've talked it over with my head coach and he's completely happy.

i'm ben roethlisberger; i'm stupid! (and in hospital!) gotta go. swab time.

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