Thursday, June 22, 2006

roethlisberger and cheney to recieve awards from mensa

so big ben doesn't have a motorcycle license.

there's stupid

there's $#%@!^#(> stupid,

and there's really $#%@!^(> stupid

"i just get out there and relax"......
what, like riding a 190 mph motorcycle without a license, or helmet, is relaxing?!! tell me; how relaxed did you feel while they were scraping you off the road?

hey, it's always relaxing to know that one has no insurance coverage when you ride or drive without a license. yes, that means if an accident is youir fault and another party sues for damages, your insurance company doesn't want to know. that might be o.k. for highly paid sport stars, but not for most individuals without a gargantuan salary.

sorry ben, but though you may not want to ride with a helmet, or a license, but there's a simple reason people do. it's called thinking. you're lucky it was a slow speed incident. had you been travelling at 30mph, your injuries might have ended your football career, or worse.

i think have to put you in the third category of stupid, ben.

let's be honest, ben; you've become the dick cheney of the biking world.

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