Sunday, June 25, 2006

world cup

adidas world cup ball: $130

bar pilar screen: crap.

watching england beat ecuador at home with your mates - priceless

the sudden disappearance of the minister at half time was duly noted with disdain...

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fifa2006 said...

Beckham’s goal rescuesed Eriksson in some kind of degree to say. Because match passed 60 minutes, the English team has not certainly displayed .Compared to the Ecuador more outstanding control, England has not displayed more outstanding fighting method, even has not made has the threat compared to Ecuador shooting. Except the Beckham, Eriksson also must thanks A.Cole, who play the left road , defended Ecuador's right road attack, More than once ,he face to both Delacruz and a Valencia .Ecuadoran haven’t right road attack opportunity,That’s thanks to A.cole. otherwise perhaps in front of the Beckham. Ecuador goaled.

Anyway,.Good luck England! Come on England!.
Dr Han (Super England football fans,Chinese doctor)