Thursday, June 08, 2006

supergirl music - a letter to alienware

dear alienware, (

i opened up my e-mail to see an ad for your new 'superman' edition notebook and desktop limited edition models. how sad that you managed to make a dog's dinner of the soundtrack to accompany this marketing association. the original superman music?

talk about cheese! for a minute, i thought that biesch, the notorious minister of cheese, was having a cheddar-filled laugh at my expense. are you guys so out of touch with music that you think the original score is the best way to sell your computer systems to your intended marketing base?

i would have been well impressed had you chosen something altogether more 'blokey'.
i suggest, if possible, you get a hold of this record and play it very LOUD!

vinyl syndicate
man of steal (superman track) - written & produced by dj slip

urban takeover

you'll see what i mean after you've listened to the track.

please spare us the cheese; here in washington, d.c. we are all too aware that the minister grows stronger with every passing cheesy moment...



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