Thursday, June 08, 2006

republican christian conservatives

between them, they want to:

repeal the estate tax. because the super rich are really suffering.

ban same-sex marriages. (definitely the most pressing problem in america. why defend so strongly an institution that has a divorce rate of 50%?)

view any immigration reform as an amnesty for law breakers (now, where exactly did you say your great, great grandparents come from...?)
oppose separation of church and state. (i mean, christianity is the law)

want to make it a federal crime for a woman to choose, with no exceptions, even for rape. (wisdom of solomon?)

temporarily suspend the gas tax because of high prices and an election looming. (no way is this a quick fix. the best thing for everyone)

want to teach 'intelligent design' to children in public schools. (try going to europe and tell someone that the earth is 6,000 years old...)

what a sorry bunch. i wonder just how many of these champions of humanity and common sense actually live in major cities...

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