Thursday, June 22, 2006

world cup 06/22/06

czech republic vs italy - this is the game to watch, despite usa's game.

i think the czechs are in the mail. italy need an outstanding game to beat them . i'm rooting for italy, but have to go with czech republic given their strength in this tournament.

ghana vs usa

i'm rooting for ghana, but i expect the americans to put on a tough show. i'm picking ghana


Chris Collins said...

I think you're right about Ghana. The Africans are up and coming. And just look how Ivory Coast and Angola performed. Okay - they're both out, but they did put up a hell of an entertaining and skillful fight.
I've got a feeling about Spain though. They're getting it together pretty well. Now, if Scotland was involved...

nutty said...

if scotland was involved, we'd have a great game of rugby! :)

TopCat said...

Hey - It's good to find an American that's into the world cup!