Monday, June 19, 2006

football & soccer - the difference is in the ball

hey FIFA! and all those looking at the world cup on big screen tv's: this is what a real football looks like.

it's got proper seams, looks like a football, every player in the world knows the weight of the ball and how it responds. it also won't keep sailing over the crossbar and reach 3/4 of the way into the opponents half when kicked by a goalkeeper.

this of course is very different to the ugly offering presented to the 2006 world cup. you change the ball just so adidas can sell it? FIFA are selling out to make football a commodity. the new ball is faster and less easy to control; just to make it more visually appealing for television. how many passes, crosses, and shots on goal seem to completely miss their mark....doesn't anyone notice this?

anyone looking at the games can tell that this ball is completely inferior to the one above. the future of world cup football looks very american. sadly.

typicall bullshit, this is being touted as the most accurate football made. it's also selling for $130.00... from

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