Wednesday, November 22, 2006

e-mail to the democratic & republican parties

as fortunate americans all around the country gather tomorrow with their families and friends to spend the day in each other's company 'thanksgiving', eating, and watching football, perhaps they all might spare a single thought during their day to the genocide and the humanitarian plight in darfur.

it is inconceivable to me, that all americans living in the wealthiest, nation on the planet aren't demanding action of their government on this nightmare the whole world has known about (and collectively done nothing to stop) for some 3 years now.

aren't we, as fellow humans, highest order of living life on the planet earth, a species dealt a very favourable hand by a giant asteroid, thereby ushering in the age of the mammals, supposed to care about other human beings? it seems not.

approximately 400,000 killed. approximately 2 million displaced.

apparently, this current administration has the stomach for a 'war' in iraq - i call it an occupation. wars are fought between armies of respective governments. how's that credible evidence weapons of mass destruction coming along...?

living in washington, d.c., just a few short blocks from the whitehouse, i was sadly astounded that during all the recent mid-term elections, not a single candidate, busily attacking their opponents, campaigning on both sides of the political table, even bothered to mention darfur.

for the world's most desperate and neediest, the reality is, that like the turkey on your family's table tomorrow, time has already run out.

there is some good news; republicans in the united states of america are doing everything in their power to limit gun-control, and to extend tax-cuts for the rich. let's hope that all those re-elected & newly-elected democrats actually care about something worth fighting for.

enjoy the game.

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