Monday, November 27, 2006

nutty agrees with devil to sell his soul!

 order to gain entry into motorcycling heaven

ducati engineers admit they are still working around the clock on a special drool-resistant paint formula for the $65,000 desmosedici


Susan Abraham said...

Personally, I like this very much.
Don't make pacts with the devil, Nutty.
You're fine as you are.

nutty said...

hi susan,

you know, i had a quick word with god, and er, all he was offering was a friggin' 2002 harley deal!

this bike is more unobtainable than a thing that is incredibly unobtainable.

Susan Abraham said...

Be a good bloke then Nutty and you may be rewarded with a Porsche!

Katie said...

awsome bike. great bike. makes you all goey inside just thinking about it, doesn't it?

but the devil. yeah he'll screw you over for it in he end. so not worth it.

the bike is REALLY nice though