Saturday, November 25, 2006

you can't beat living in scandanavia

from the bbc:

Danish road safety officials have come up with a novel way of warning motorists about the dangers of speeding - by using topless blonde women.

They have produced a spoof news report where the blondes carry road signs showing the Danish speed limit: 50km/h.

The video - posted on the web - is aimed at grabbing the attention of young male drivers, but feminists say they hate it.

Speeding has been blamed for 25% of road deaths in Denmark.

Julia Pauli of the Danish road safety council told the BBC that the reaction to the Speedbandits video had been mostly positive.

"If you want to reach the young people, you have to communicate on their conditions... So, topless women are working," she said.

She said the advertising campaign had been tested and in the target group it was really positive - more than 50% said they were thinking more about the dangers of speeding when driving.

Asked if the council would consider using a man exposing his bottom to appeal to speeding women drivers, Ms Pauli said: "Maybe. We'll see."


Susan Abraham said...

Hello Nutty,
Thank you for dropping by my blog.
That you assume I don't know any of your vinyl records - no classical, opera, no Perry Comos or Peggy Lees, no Andy Williams just because I listed my profile spontaneously without a second thought.
How little you know me and my loves.
And no of course, I haven't drunk the blood of a dead animal nor do I wish to. I'll leave you to that passion.

nutty said...

hello susan,

thank you for responding. many don't, sadly. i always invite responses to my blogs, even though sometimes i might ruffle a few feathers. the great thing about blogs is you can always be yourself. my remarks were not made to criticize you, as you are correct in that i don’t know you, or your loves. all i know is what you post, and i wanted to react honestly, bluntly perhaps, but at the same time i hope, always, respectfully.

personal blogs are very different from other forms of self expression. i started mine because it felt like a good idea and i thought i'd give it a go. i had no idea that i'd still be going strong some 500+ posts later. I hope you find that yours continue to give as much back to you as mine to me.

we allow our thoughts on anything we feel like to be read by anyone with a computer and a modem, completely anonymously. In doing so, we invite criticism, both praise and negative responses alike. what we individually like and dislike when it comes to art, whatever guise and direction we happen to find our leanings, doesn't have to be 'approved' by anyone. there is no right or wrong, for after all, isn’t the point of all art to generate a response?

as far as music goes, no, i don't have any of the names you mention, although i recognize them, am familiar with classical piano, and back home in england, i had a decent classical vinyl collection. my girlfriend collects old vinyl, and we live together, but she never plays any of my records and occasionally i might play a few of hers. surprisingly, this works perfectly, as we don't want either to change who we are. very important!

dj'ing has stopped me from listening to background music completely which comes as a surprise to most. as soon as one becomes critical in their obsession, i think it's very difficult to experience that same passion on a ‘sub-par’ basis. you're a writer, skilled with words. i can't imagine you would start to read a badly written novel and then actually finish it. with dj'ing, it's more than music, it's now beats, rhythm, tempo, drums, bass-lines, vocals, etc. and how (and when) i mix two records and put a set together. i don't do requests as i personally never want to play a commercial track that everyone has heard played ad-nauseum on radio. when i play, i also want it to be an educational experience, to show people that there is a vast repertoire of quality music that never gets played on radio and television.

art demands full concentration. to stay fresh, and not become jaded, or stuck in the same groove. i've found that the best thing i've learned to do with music from my past is you just have to let it go. that doesn’t mean i don’t like it, just that i don’t play it. i rarely even play records i've bought from the past five years, unless they are exceptional. if a track is exceptional, time won't diminish it, you just have to learn to leave it alone enough so it stays special.

by the way, i'm very glad (and relieved) that you haven't drunk the blood of a dead animal!, but i am surprised that not ‘knowing me, or my loves’, you ‘suggest’ i have, and what’s more, that it is somehow a ‘passion’ of mine. sorry, but you’re dead wrong, love.

Susan Abraham said...

Hello again Nutty,
I'm very sorry about the 'animal's blood bit'. I didn't mean it like that. Would you prefer I deleted the comment?
I replied your 2nd response on my blog.
Please do read.