Thursday, November 30, 2006

in the news: Wal-Mart Trips as It Changes a Bit Too Fast

good. have you ever been to a wal*mart?

we went down to alton, va in the summer to watch round 9 of the ama superbike racing championship. great weekend! left the hotel and walked to a nearby wal*mart to get some supplies. the most disturbing, soulless 'never-want-to do-this-again' buying experience daisy and i have ever had.

there's something just plain wrong with row upon row of super jumbo sized food items, along with everything else, staring at you from every shelf, row upon row of harsh fluorescent lights burning overhead, and slow-moving people whose only exercise in years evidently involve cable channel surfing, pushing their trolleys along, bursting at every seam.

make no mistake, you will pay, one way or the other.


Katie said...

don't like wal marts. they are the devil. go to target next time (if they have them in DC. don't think they do. at least they didn't last time I was there)

mabye I didn't see it?

Susan Abraham said...

Nutty, are you serious?
Do jumbo size packs really get to you in the way you describe the?

nutty said...

living in the middle of washington, we walk ten minutes to do all our food shopping at whole foods, which is about as different as you can possibly get from the wal*mart experience.