Wednesday, November 22, 2006

think you can handle it? - this is how suzuki used to advertise!

letter to suzuki:

what a load of bollocks!

TV ad pens with a Suzuki Boulevard M109R motorcycle aggressively approaching from the right and XL7 from the left before sliding to a halt.

* A man emerges from the XL7 and a woman steps off the motorcycle. The woman asks, "Think you can handle it?" The man replies, "Can you?"

* They toss their keys at each other in exchange and drive off in the opposite direction.

* During the sequence, the lead voiceover asks, "Are our SUVs as much fun as our bikes?"

* The commercial closes with, "It's gonna be a great ride."

* Set in the desolate Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.


are you trying to be ‘american cool’? because if you are, your creative director is an american idiot. smugness was, and still is, never cool. cut the cheese. you’re worse than biesch in the middle of a party, chomping on a block of cheddar.

any moron can drive a car fast in a straight line. let’s see our ‘cool’ people get in a world rally championship car and complete a stage. i don’t think when they get out they’re gonna be looking at all cool (more likely wide-eyed scared speechless and physically sick). the only thing coming out of their mouths will be vomit…

i get the point of your ads, but i doubt you do.

actually going really fast, like doing 145mph fast, whether it be motorcycle or car demands total concentration and complete respect. i’ve never once been to a race track and saw the winner getting off their bike or getting out of their car looking smug. ever.

i doubt either your creative director or your ‘cool people’ in you lame commercials have ever even been on a track. please write back and let me know.

conclusion: your new ads are lamer than a one-eyed, one-legged dog. – and i’ve owned two suzuki motorcycles.

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Katie said...

I love rally and drag racing. Good stuff. I have to agree with you about that commercial, it's stupid. But lots of them are.