Thursday, November 30, 2006

had to go

from the bbc:

Andy Robinson's reign as coach of world champions England is over after a disastrous 25-month spell in charge.

anyone can make mistakes, but you can't keep making the same fundamentally wrong, ad hoc player decisions. bringing off your captain during a match...?

we have little chance of competing well in the upcoming six nations, and any hopes we might have had for the 2007 rugby world cup have already passed the point of no return. just not enough time to nurture the right talent.

still, there's 2011...


Katie said...

well at least your positive there at the end. good luck with your team. :)

thank you, by the way. for your kind words about my friend (and me) it was very nice of you.

Susan Abraham said...

Yes, we can't always make the same mistakes.
Are you a rugby fan or player by any chance, Nutty?

nutty said...

in the old days. used to play for cambridge rugby union football club.