Sunday, November 12, 2006

on oct. 23rd, ford posted a loss of $5.8billion

so that's why, we're still trying to ram our gas-guzzling pick up trucks down your throats, during every single advertising break, every fox nfl football sunday. not a single family car.

ford - bold innovations...

"please buy our pick-up trucks, go on, please..."

er, we're built ford tough, you know...

yep, the immediate future of the american motor industry is looking real good with general motors and the chevy ads following exactly the same recipe on football sunday.

weird thing is, all these manly blokes, hurling giant boulders and buying pick up trucks in the ads will suddenly need to 'make the call' and get themselves prescriptions of ciallis as soon as they turn 50, upon which they'll amble along very slowly with their wives, gazing stupidly, inexplicably laughing at her because she's just put some flowers in a basket, take a 300 mile drive, and decide the best thing to do now you've got '36 hours' is to sit in a bath tub at the coast...

pick up trucks be damned!

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