Tuesday, November 15, 2005

“Business success is after all excitement and fun.”

A. Calantzopoulos,
President and CEO, PMI (philip morris industries)

that's right. do what i did and go to philip morris's usa web site. now go to any other country that they have listed. what's the difference?

i tried mexico. in fact, you can select any other country, there's no similarity between the usa web site and all their other sites, which have exactly the same format.

absolutely no mention of smoking and health issues. nothing!

World Health Organization (WHO). Press Release "World No-Tobacco day: Helath Versus Smoking," May 27, 1993 -

"Transnational tobacco companies such as Philip Morris, RJR Nabisco, BAT Industries, and American Brands are also making their presence felt in other countries. In the developing world, per capita cigarette consumption has risen on average by more than 70% during the last 25 years."

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