Monday, November 28, 2005

hey america: this is what a real jag looks like!

letter to the new york times:

perhaps paul duchene, writing for the new york times ought to do his homework before pretending to know anything about jags.

he fails to mention browns lane by name. no excuses. every jaguar fan in the u.k. knows this name is the (holy grail) home of jaguar. since shut down by ford...

failing to mention the mkII, possibly the most famous british sports car of the 1960's (when it was launched, capable of 125mph, it was the fastest production car in the world paul, on our then speed limit-free motorways) cannot be forgiven. ever been to coventry paul? do you even know where it is? it would seem not.

last but by no means least, this car became an icon for another reason. because it was the fastest car one could by, it became the most desirable car used in britain by two very different sectors of british society: the cops and the robbers!

that's right. armed robberies were committed by villains using this as their getaway car and were being pusued by our lads in blue driving the very same vehicle. as for ultimate bragging rights at the pub, this car was it!.

conclusion: your article suffers because you gleaned all your information from some photo-pretty coffee-table book. omission of the markII proves this book was not written by an englishman....

do your homework, dude...i suggest watching some old 'the sweeney' broadcasts as a starter...


Annie said...

hiya nutty & friends!
I'm not a big car fan - but man! that is one beautiful vehicle. Thanks for setting everyone straight. :o)

nutty said...

thanks tink. we had good friends over for monday night football. i cooked veggie chile and chile con carne.
thanks for all your positive comments.