Thursday, November 10, 2005

very liberal studies - 12 years on

from the new york times:

When Mr. Lechner enrolled in college in 1994, the Internet was practically a baby and his current girlfriend was starting fourth grade. He has since drifted through four majors - education, communications, theater, women's studies (!) - and watched hundreds of friends graduate, get jobs and marry.

i think the phrase is: grow up, dude. 12 years and no science majors is nothing to smile about.

if you're that committed to being in education, try teaching (one of your majors)

in england, you have just four years to get your degree. three to pass + one retake.

only in america can this guy become a celebrity. in england, he would find a very different response.

i am reminded of prince edward and when he first came to cambridge. he didn't have good enough grades to get in, but when you're the queen's son, it helps. the local press attacked him mercilessly (someone didn't get a place who did have the grades because of him), which was only half as bad as the treatment he took on the rugby field. so bad was the experience that he had to stop playing after a few games (not that you'ld want him next to you on the field in a good game in the first place). a guy whose never got his hands dirty isn't much use in a game of rugby.

that's how he ended up judging a flower show....i suspect mr lichfield doesn't play any physical sport in college, for much the same reason as prince edward. he's a target. college is great, but you have to leave and not be student forever. not unless you're after a phd in science, and then that really will take a long time.

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