Wednesday, November 09, 2005

what is the point, meaning, and value of education?

a recent cbs poll on evolution and creationism:

if these figures are broadly representative of the current views and beliefs held in this country, i feel sorry for all the educators, science teachers, professors, researchers, etc. perhaps they should start each class with a question aimed squarely at those that believe creationism is a better 'theory' than evolution: "what evidence would convince you that you are wrong?"

anyone refusing to accept evidence doesn't belong in an institution furthering the advancement of science. there are other places better suited for such insular, dogmatic approaches to the world around them.

our five senses allow us to decode the basics of our immediate environment. in contrast, modern science wields dozens of senses. think of how much richer the world would have appeared to our early ancestors, and how much sooner we would have discovered the fundamental nature of the universe, if we were born with high-precision, tunable eyeballs. from infrared to radio waves, to microwaves, to x-rays, to gamma rays, etc. without science, none of these would be noticeable to us. and yet they surely exist. did god not want us with eyes that could truly see?

if we were born with magnetic detectors, the compass would never have been invented because no one would ever have needed one. if we had spectrum analysers within our retinas, we would not have to wonder what the atmosphere is made of. simply by looking at it we would know whether or not it contains sufficient oxygen to sustain human life.

those that would wish to cast off evolution being taught in our schools do so at a very great cost. to not appreciate where we have come due to the outstanding successes (and failures) of scientific theory does it the greatest disservice. these peoples choose to ignore it when it suits their purposes or when it directly challenges their beliefs. belief is not same as theory!. science doesn't care what we think. that is it's greatest strength and is unassailable because of that.

science has scepticism rooted at the foundation of the scientific method. i don't see anyone from within the religious ranks challenging their own tightly-held cherished beliefs, only the interpretation of those beliefs.

i mean all the world's different religions. they can't all be right, can they? so how do you know which one to pick, if pick you must?

perhaps cbs should conduct another poll and ask people what a theory is.


God created humans in present form

All Americans 55%
Kerry voters 47%
Bush voters 67%

Humans evolved, God guided the process

All Americans 27%
Kerry voters 28%
Bush voters 22%

Humans evolved, God did not guide process

All Americans 13%
Kerry voters 21%
Bush voters 6% (yes. 6%!)

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