Wednesday, November 23, 2005

censorship - of the worst kind

we're not a tv lovers. we only watch films, sports (me), simpsons, documentaries, and the occasional 'pimp my ride'. that rules out all tv shows and the so-called drama.

so as i'm flicking through, waiting for monday night football, i come across a film. in the film, the tv network has done a rigourously adept job of making sure that no 'unsuitable' part of the female anatomy is shown - the classic blur, and also no profanity (silence). this was just an 'ordinary' (whatever that means) non adult-rated film, but the censors felt compelled to reduce it to absurdity, so heavy handed were they so as not to offend anyone.

but within a few moments, i see in all its voilent detail, an attack on a woman, a shooting, a killing, guns being fired everywhere and no hint of censorship whatsoever!

i find a scene of someone being attacked violently and being shot a lot more in need of (possible) censorship than the prospect of the occassional female breast on the small screen.

just who are you protecting, mr. censor. for what reason and why?

this country has an extremely unhealthy attitude towards sex, but apparently has no problem with firearms and people being murdered by them on the small screen. oh, that's right, i forgot: that's drama........

seen michael moore's 'bowling for columbine'?

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