Sunday, November 13, 2005

most hated ad on football sunday is: charles schwab

er, what's rada doing on the charles schwab ad?

all of these guys (not rada) are so pathetically un-blokey. makes you want to kick over their potted plants and release some moles to un-manicure their suburbian lawns. " suburbia - where the developers cut down the trees and then name the roads after them...."

not the best sequel for the 'waking life' director's talent. what did he call these ads; boring in suburbia?

i'm sure bob sabiston didn't mind the check, though.


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Redha said...

nutty...i bet you didn't know this, but i have seceretly trained as a cartoon spy character on my free time... Unfortunately, as with all jobs, you have to start with the bullshit work before making it big.

nutty said...

knew it...!