Tuesday, November 29, 2005


i was watching the bbc america news at around 6:15pm. there is a report about a leaked document in britain where george bush meets with tony blair and in the document it alleges that george bush wants to bomb the al jazeera news station in baghdad.

as soon as the report shifts to a clip from an al jazeera spokesman, condemning the possibility of civilians being deliberately targeted, the tv goes dead, i see a still frame from the cartoon network, and we lose all internet connection in our apartment. it comes back, some five minutes later and there is no mention of the lost transmission and no report.

some coincidence! the bbc news america is taped and i have never seen this happen before.

makes you feel all cosy inside........

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Annie said...

psssst ... i no longer believe in "coincidence" as a random event. Too many of them occurring too frequently to too many people.

how's that for a dancing tutu use of the word "to" ! :o)



seriously --- i do believe the media, too, has been pocketed by the government, too.