Sunday, November 13, 2005

espn - gotta blow the smoke up someone's .......

hey espn. how about a little less of the cheesy "he's such a nice guy, there's nobody nicer on the face of the earth", blah, cheese, blah, cheese, more cheese, "he's overcome the tragic death of a stick insect"...blah, blah, cheese, blah, cheese. "you'ld never know he hits people on a sunday for a living"...... "

"he's the best" on a player you seem to single out every damn sunday night, and just commenting on the game? and i thought phil simms was the biggest sicophant commenting on nfl sunday.

shut up!!!!!!! or can't you do that.

i guess not.


justacoolcat said...

I've been tempted to turn down the tv sounds and put the game on the radio.

Other bonus, no super loud commercials.

nutty said...

hi coolcat,

i tried that with something else a while ago, and the only problem is that there was a delay between the radio and the tv. i think it's the four second delay thing. i don't think there is any realtime live tv broadcast in this country anymore.

all the best to you and everyone who's important to you.