Friday, November 04, 2005


51-49 senate vote backs arctic oil drilling

there is no long-term hope to save the environment. man will do what he has always done and continues to do: abuse his environment until exhausted of resources and then move on.

in the u.s. we have the very unhealthy oil companies' relation to the republican party.

the refusal by the most massively (by a huge margin) polluting, richest country on earth, to sign the kyoto treaty. talk about leading by example...

organic foods - Last week, an amendment was slipped into the agricultural spending bill without meaningful debate in a closed-door Republican meeting. It would do two things. It would overturn a court decision reinstating the old legal standard that prohibits synthetic substances in organic foods. And it would allow the agriculture secretary to approve synthetic substances if no organic substitute was commercially available. The big producers, which often use synthetic materials in processing, want to call their processed foods organic because that designation commands premium prices.

somehow the promise of a newer, better 21st century for everyone looks as phoney as the intelligence on the weapons of mass destruction....

suppose some superpower had occupied america in the times of the american civil war, and done what bush is doing in iraq, instead of letting the country sort its own opposing factions out? the result would probably have been very similar to africa's experience. the powers that be did a great job there. iraq is heading to a civil war; it's inevitable.

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