Saturday, June 30, 2007

clash of the titans

today, the sporting world's biggest match up isn't in baseball, or even tennis at wimbledon.

no, it's tri-nations rugby and australia vs. new zealand.

given new zealand's form, i'm giving this one to the all-conquering all blacks.

update: australia 20- new zealand 15

the photo above is of new zealand's rugby team performing the haka in 1905.

for a great site on the history and a tribute to rugby, visit:

below: Staniforth provided the finishing touch to a superb attacking move.


M said...

Go the Wallabies! Ha!

nutty said...

i live right opposite the australian embassy here in washington, d.c. mate.

Australia 20-15 New Zealand! - there is hope for the rugby world cup after all.

Australia replacement Scott Staniforth crossed with just eight minutes left to give the Wallabies their first win over the All Blacks since 2004.