Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Truck Bomb Hits Baghdad Mosque, and 61 Are Killed

BAGHDAD, June 19,€” A suicide bomber barreled a truck filled with cooking gas and explosives into a square bordered by a large Shiite mosque in the heart of Baghdad on Tuesday, just as worshipers were finishing midday prayers. The Interior Ministry said at least 61 people were killed and 130 wounded.
Many Iraqis, beleaguered at every turn, said they saw the bomb as an attempt to aggravate sectarian strife and as one more piece of evidence that the Americans could not protect them from extremists. Many of those who live near the site of the destruction said they had concluded that the Americans must be helping the suicide bombers.

"€œThe Americans know everything, they can do everything, they can repair the space shuttle without touching it, why do they let these things happen here in Iraq?"€ said Abu Muhammad, 55, one of the custodians of the bombed mosque.

...i'd say that's a pretty fair question for someone to ask who has seen his country suffer four years of bloodshed, his friends killed and torn apart, and all because the united states decided it didn't want saddam hussein in power any more.


dARSHANA said...

My dad had a friend from Iraq too. and he lost him during the war. This really needs to stop.

nutty said...

a nightmare indeed, and one that isn't going away even if this so-called 'war on terror' stopped today.

what bush has done to this country and its people will impact the world for the next 20-30 years or longer.