Monday, June 18, 2007

Sam Perlozzo dismissed as Orioles's manager


BALTIMORE -- With the Orioles mired in an eight-game losing streak, the club decided it was time for a change.

Orioles executive vice president of baseball operations Mike Flanagan announced at a press conference Monday at Camden Yards that manager Sam Perlozzo had been replaced on an interim basis by bullpen coach Dave Tremble.

...that's great, because i've been watching these games and it's the bullpen that's been imploding, along with the bats not hitting. starting pitching has been holding up until the seventh or eighth inning and then in comes certain defeat from the bullpen who couldn't manage to strike out a blind ten-year old with his hands tied behind his back.

so what does the front office do? sack the manager who isn't throwing  the baseball and replace him with the guy responsible for the very same bullpen that has the collective baseball ability of a bucket of plastic bricks. 

...fucking brilliant.

america's pastime:

the fields are of different sizes. no testing of amphetamines until recently. the player-unions agree on suspensions set. franchises are uprooted and sold. no salary cap, so we all know which same teams will feature every year in the playoffs. the barry bonds home run fiasco. the so-called world champions don't even compete in international competition...

and las but not least the hall of fame. 

why does america sports have to keep patting itself on the back? other countries don't have hall of fames for their sports. and they compete in international competition...

america's pastime is nothing more than a sporting joke.

america's pastime is the nfl.

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