Friday, June 08, 2007

G8 climate deal signals a breakthrough

from the bbc:

It is full of political wriggle-room, it does not send clear signals for business investment and it offers no certainty that the climate will be saved from irreversible damage - but for all these failings, the G8 summit looks like a breakthrough in the long Euro-American stand-off over climate policy.

...yeah, it's a breakthrough alright, to have some 'talks'.

instead of bush having press conferences about holding talks by the end of his term of office and so conveniently leaving it all up to somebody else to figure out so he doesn't have to deal with any actual responsibility, because as we all know, the economy is more important than everything else...the only one i want to hear about with regard to climate change is not what he is going to do tomorrow, but what he actually fucking did

in the 1970's the world's biggest economy suffered two huge shocks from the oil crisis, and yet amazingly, market forces always dictate that no matter what, strong, capital economies always bounce back. for him to proclaim that the world's largest industrialised & biggest polluter's economy is somehow more important than begin setting mandatory caps on its emissions is simply immoral.

stange that, given that this administration is trying so very hard to ram christianity down everyone's throats.

what a legacy this asshole will leave behind.

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