Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hamilton on pole at US Grand Prix

alright, can he make it seven?

he's already rewritten all the record books. he's already done what no driver has ever done before, and the fact that he's from england makes it even better.

the united states will probably not 'enjoy' a formula 1 grand prix for very much longer.  only one driver (scott speed - who can't seem to finish a race without crashing into someone) and the tv network's obsession with the incredibly fucking boring, redneck nascar (yawn), means that i give it a maximum of two years before f1 disappears from america and international motorsports and the united states grow ever further apart.

if lewis hamilton mangages a top 3 finish it will be amazing. if he wins, it will be incredible (and will not make his world champion team mate alonso very happy)

...there's also world superbikes going on in italy.

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