Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bush Insists U.S. Must Not Fail in Iraq

that's some pretty big talk, george, considering you've had three years to bollocks everything up and push iraq to the point of collapse, with mounting weekly, deadly attacks (currently 900 or so) from the warring factions. but there again, talk is cheap, unlike lives lost. you'll be out of office in two years, while everyone else will be very busy still dealing with carnage and nightmare you've created, and still unbelievably, think you can manage. (that's probably because the whitehouse, or his ranch in texas, isn't anywhere near baghdad...)

you're an idiot; it's a pity you're the world's most powerful idiot.

in case you didn't know, george, britain created iraq, a 'manufactured' country, some decades ago, from a land that didn't want to become one, and america now seems to think that because it wants a democracy there, it can somehow miraculously engineer one.

and let's be quite frank, bushy; you're no churchill...

somebody had better lend you a few history books...,

or any book on the middle east that wasn't written by an american.

oh, and how's new orlean's doing, george? the poorest half that hasn't been rebuilt, i mean....i only ask, because amazingly, you didn't even mention the devasted gulf state of louisiana in your state of the union address...or have you already so quickly forgotten?

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