Tuesday, January 16, 2007

why you should become a member of REI

it's not many times that i'll praise a corporation on my blog. in fact most of the time, it's quite the opposite. but in this case, REI really did surprise me.

went to REI to buy some winter snow boots the other evening as they are having a big sale. as i’m trying on different boots, only to find the ones i want they don’t have in my size, the extremely helpful, and not at all annoying sales associate (how unusual is that?) notices that my girlfriend is wearing a pair of boots they carry. she mentions that she bought them a couple of years ago, but they have a tear in them.

let me point out these boots have not been well-looked after, …to say the least, but to my amazement, the guy turns to my girlfriend and says “you’re a member, right?” she responds “yes”.
“oh, we’ll replace those”, he then disappears into the stock room, returns with a brand new pair in a box and hands them to her, beaming.

it gets better. she goes up to the sales counter, whereupon the clerk keys in her REI membership information. “you bought these two years ago” he says. “yes” she replies. “oh, you get thirty dollars back, then. these are on sale, right now”. “that doesn’t sound right” she says, with me nodding, “that’s the way the way the system works” the sales clerk responds.

so she gets a brand new replacement pair of boots, no questions asked. in fact, she didn’t even ask.. and $30 dollars back after 2 years of mistreatment!, all because of a slight tear. amazing!

REI membership = lifetime warranty!

i’ve just ordered a pair of mountain boots and thermals online, (amateur astronomy observing in winter isn’t exactly warm) and from now on we’re buying ALL camping, mountain, and related clothing equipment,etc. from REI!

why would you not?

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