Monday, January 01, 2007

didn't take long

from the new york times:

Broncos cornerback shot and killed

Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams was killed and two other people were wounded in downtown Denver early Monday when the occupant of a passing vehicle unloaded a handgun into the limo in which Williams was a passenger.

Williams, 24, became the city’s first homicide victim of 2007 when he was shot shortly after 2 a.m. as he and a group of friends, including Broncos wide receiver Javon Walker, were driven away from a nightclub at 10th and Broadway.

i’m not making this up. this is from a link from the NRA’s site:

A Shocking Story of Gun Confiscation In America

The video you will see on this web site is horrifying. The crimes committed against law-abiding gun owners are beyond comprehension. The arrogance of anti-gun politicians and government officials and their hate of freedom will churn your stomach.

The law is the law, the Constitution is the Constitution. If ONE local mayor or police chief can decide what the Second Amendment means, it opens the door to tyranny—where ANY mayor or police chief can say what the Second Amendment means.

That's why I'm asking you to make a special contribution to help guarantee that all firearms confiscated by New Orleans Mayor Nagin and Police Superintendent Compass are immediately returned to our fellow gun owners.

You’ve seen this brand of abuse of freedom in the history books—in the pages about days of gun confiscations leading to the terror of Stalin, Mao and Hitler. But you’d never in a million years think it could happen in America.

Well, it can and it did. And it will happen again unless we take action today.

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, Police Superintendent P. Eddie Compass unleashed a wave of confiscations with these chilling words:

“No one will be able to be armed. We will take all weapons. Only law enforcement will be allowed to have guns.”

Thousands of firearms were then confiscated from law-abiding gun owners. The police gave no paperwork or receipts for those guns. They just stormed in and seized them.

With your help we’re going to make the first time in New Orleans the LAST time in America. Thank you!

From the NRA: happy new year to darrent williams’ family…


Anonymous said...

Referring to your "A Shocking Story...," let me point out that the U.S. Supreme Court has said a number of times that the Second Amendment is a restraint against the federal government only.

Thus, state and local governments are free to work out their gun laws without reference to the Second Amendment.

nutty said...

why can't americans just let the police and the military carry guns? if you want a gun for any other reason get a special permit for it.

we don't live in a perfect world. we never will.

until people receive free education, free health care, and are not increasingly marginalised by society, one increasingly driven by government policy that further narrows the distribution of income, i can hardly see how allowing guns (devices designed specifically to maim or kill) to be sold to people with no training, are intelligent solutions to solving heated disputes, often involving alcohol.

disputes in nightclubs late at night aren't about protecting property. and even if they were, i can't imagine anything i have that i'd rather be shot dead for than rather just hand over..

rather, i think it's more about a sense of personal entitlement. something a number of americans, handed to them through a culture of boredom and greed, sadly have in excess.

and let me point out that letting the ban on assault weapons expire didn't exactly save any lives...

there again, i'm from england. the only people that carry guns on the streets are the villians (always going to have those... and the police (only with a signed order).