Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Racehorse Barbaro put down

i was on the exercise bike at the gym yesterday, and the woman in front of me is reading the paper (why do people read at the gym...? the ones that read, are the ones that never break a sweat, seem to just go through through the motions, and are only only half committed in their workouts) tanc, victor, & maro, are you guys reading 'wuthering heights' during your workouts?

so anyway, the headline on the sports page reads 'a racehorse that made us care'. barbaro has been put down. sorry, euthanised...this is d.c.

a racehorse that made us care? why, because he won?....

a racehorse that loses and becomes injured isn't euthanised, we don't care, because we're never going to hear about it, and the poor animal is shot in the head and becomes dogmeat. yeah, sure: "made us care...."

cards, flowers? tears? but not for the losers, just the winners...

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