Saturday, January 06, 2007

e-mail to dodge vehicles

I quote: "The Rock'em Sock'em robots are a symbol of toughness and the ability to out-last the competition, which are among the key attributes of the Dodge Ram pickup truck," said Mark Spencer, Senior Manager - Dodge Marketing and Global Communications.

i find this tv advert incredible. are not all modern vehicles required by law to incorporate impact-absorbing safety crumple zones? in your tv advert, all the force of the attacking robot is not absorbed by the dodge ram pick up truck, but is redirected back from the truck, quickly immobilizing the robot (smoke rising from neck, etc.)

surely this sends quite a disturbing message. if you are in a vehicle, traveling at any speed, relative to x, and you are involved in an accident, and that vehicle doesn't absorb any impact (like your dodge ram in your tv advert, all that impact will transmitted to you. that is something very, very bad (unless you want the occupant to suffer).

i.e. you actually want your truck to absorb all the blows.
that's how you get out alive...

i await your response,

mark solomon
washington d.c.

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