Saturday, January 20, 2007

the hornbeck family - what were they thinking!

let me get this right. the people in the photograph above, are the parents of the 11 year-old missouri boy who was abducted, and for the last four years has apparently endured psychological torture, and quite possibly physical, and sexual torture as well.

this, allegedly at the hands of a pizza-delivery guy by the name of michael devlin.

this story is horrific enough, but now, less than a week after the young hornbeck has been returned by the authorities back to his tearful family, he appears on a television screen!.
yes; his parents have put him on a national television show to tell their story.

er, don’t you think the parents might consider that they first have a duty to try and protect their 11 year-old son? do they really think that by hauling themselves, and him, before the cameras and the entire nation, that this is in any way possibly conducive to the boy’s very best long-term psychological interests? i somehow doubt it.

can either of his parents even spell the word psychological?

to say that this poor kid can’t get a break is a massive understatement. you’d think his parents might allow him to begin to have some room to breathe, some space to move, and hopefully regain some lost dignity.

i'm no expert, but i'd have thought a good therapist was the way forward, not a battery of bright lights, some production manager barking orders, a tv crew, the normally funny, but all-of-a sudden 'concerned'(for added effect) show-host, a lap-dog, carefully chosen, mostly female audience , tearily nodding along on-cue, and the rest of the production that is the very false 'reality', that is a television show.

people never fail to disappoint…

well i'm sure he'll thank them for the experience when he's older...

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