Friday, January 05, 2007

letter to the democratic party

got a e-mail today from the howard dean democratic party looking for contributions.

here's what i sent back:

here's my contribution, howard:

get your party off the fence and make a stand on climate change. make ratifying the kyoto protocol the number one democratic election issue. every single child in america is learning about this issue right now when they go to school. the science for it, is overwhelming.

tell everybody in this country it's their future. tell children their parents have to stop living in a dream world, and wake up to reality. tell americans they have a moral responsibility to stop polluting the world, and stop pretending it isn't their problem. it's now everyone's problem.

tell americans that if want the world to be a better place, then they have to actually do something more than go shopping. tell them that they have to change. if they want to lose weight, they know they have to give up something (like food, and go exercise). talk alone, will not secure a better future. there are no quick fixes, but america has an incredible opportunity to lead the world forward in clean technology instead of just polluting it.

how refreshing a message would that be! who wouldn't vote for that!

come on, howard, just how brave are you really? here's your one chance...

and democrats: if howard isn't 'the man', i suggest you go and get someone who is.

mark solomon
washington d.c.

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