Thursday, January 04, 2007

a real life hero

from the new york times:

Man Is Rescued by Stranger on Subway Tracks

personally, i’m sick to death of the overworked ‘hero’ tag automatically applied to each and every member of the military serving in iraq. i’m sorry, but you’re not a hero until you actually do something heroic.

we take young men, train them to kill, and let them. soldiers do society’s dirtiest work. that’s why we decorate them in ceremony, playing music of pomp, where we pin medals to their chests. all nations do the same.

we don’t do the same to members of society that actually save lives like heart and brain surgeons, nor do we bestow such honours upon teachers and professors.

strange when you really think about how civilized we think we have become…

this ordinary man did something very heroic, i’m quite sure many would not. not for his country, but a completely selfless act for another ordinary man, someone he didn't know. why not give him some special recognition; how about a medal for him!

come on new york times. get the headline right.

Stranger Rescued by Hero on Subway Tracks.

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