Saturday, January 20, 2007

e-mail to the discovery channel's 'the military channel'

i have just watched your program 'iraq: the untold story'

i take great umbridge with not only the title of your program, but the content of the program.

what hypocrisy!

perhaps the discovery channel might have done a little, or any research outside of american biased interests, and watched ‘control room’. of course, i didn’t expect a fair, or unbiased representation, but to call this program ‘the untold story’ is beyond belief. i didn’t recall too many references to the al jazeera news network, or the iraqis point of view of the invasion…nicely unbalanced approach wouldn’t you say? untold story? whose? not theirs!

tell me, did any researchers of the discovery team actually watch ‘control room’ in the making of this program?

i await your expected generic response, and am posting this e-mail to my blog for anyone to read.

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