Sunday, January 21, 2007

it's urlacher's & manning's sunday.

as much as i like the new orleans saints, and it's impossible not to like sean payton, or admire what what he's done for this sports franchise (whatever happened to the word 'team', in america?), i'm still rooting for chicago.

i think it has a lot to do with the cold weather, and nothing to do with rex grossman. brian urlacher is the ultimate defensive back (sorry ray lewis, but you need to stop dancing like an ice skater, you're not on amphetamines (or are you...), and those pesky murder charges didn't exactly help your sporting claim to true greatness. i don't care how quick he is , ravens fans. the measure of a man is taken by more than a stopwatch. pretend there isn't a camera on you and just play your position.

payton manning. please, please, please, beat the #@!*&^!%.. new england patriots!

i'm off to meet victor to show some blokey support (at 11am!) at fado, in chinatown, as arsenal take on manchester united.

"up the ....!"

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