Sunday, January 21, 2007

only thanking the lord when you win, or something good happens.

after watching the two thrilling games today between chicago and new orleans, and indianapolis and new england, i was dismayed to hear the owner of the indianapolis colts giving "glory to god for this victory", and then tony dungy, the head coach, for "thanking the lord for this victory".

you know what? i have never, ever, once heard tony dungy thanking the lord every time new england, or any other team, for that matter, has beaten his team previously. or is it the case that you only thank the lord when you win, and everything goes the way you want, tony? that doesn't sound very humble, christian, or much like the teachings of the bible...

or how about a natural disaster when hundreds, or thousands of innocent people get killed, and a few people are discovered alive, and their respective families say "it's a miracle; the lord must have been watching over them" er, what exactly was he doing while all the other people were getting killed? again, i never, ever, heard any members of any family that held devoutly religious beliefs heap praise and thanks upon the kind lord because he had just 'allowed' a member of their family to die, only when he'd actually saved one. how very strange, given that only in death, can the true believer actually meet god. you'd think it would be other way around, wouldn't you?

i call this extremely selective praise and worship.

i mean, think how refreshing it would be to hear coaches say: "i would just like to thank the lord for.. the terrible way we played the game, for the humiliating loss we suffered today, all our season-ending injuries, the loss of our dear friend, the division title-game, the future's out of reach... thank you lord, for making the other team better than us! you know what? i thank you so much, lord, i'm gonna' get down on my hands and knees right now, and pray they beat us again next year as well! hallelujah!"

after all, isn't the lord deserving of praise all the time?

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