Tuesday, January 09, 2007

college football wins, and loses at the same time

what a great week of college football.

but do you think can they can try and make the whole system just a little more complicated and absurd...?


Katie said...

I just don't understand football. I don't understand why all the guys get into it and slap each others asses and recite scores and things like hookers phone numbers... sorry didn't mean to go on a rant... i've just spent too much time watchig guys watch football

nutty said...

it's o.k katie. there's lots of things men don't don't understand about women's interests.

we get into american football because it's a contact sport, and you get hurt playing contact sports. as humans, we enjoy being very highly evolved, but at the end of the day we're all still animals, and we're all still evolving.

male and female lives and roles in society are so vastly different now than even a few thousand years ago, we would be almost unrecognisable to our predeccesors.