Thursday, January 11, 2007

portrait of a world leader

anyone watching bush give his vastly unimpressive speech cannot fail to have noticed that he completely omitted one important sector of the demographic as he spoke during last night’s address on the so called ‘war on terror’.

the most telling, was the line, “the american people are not satisfied”…. “i’m not satisfied”…er, what about the iraqi people not being satisfied!? he spoke to the nation as if the iraqis weren’t even listening!, or involved. how unbelievably arrogant can this man continue to act? plenty, it seems.

then there was the gem about malaki and “his people”. malaki couldn’t even arrange a hanging a few days ago. period.

no, george bush. you chose to present a medal to the parents of a soldier who gave his life for others the very next day after your speech, a speech given in a room where there were many rich, handsome volumes of important literary works forming a pleasing, soothing, dignified backdrop to your carefully choreographed words.

it’s a pity you haven’t read any of them…

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Susan Abraham said...

Hi Nutty,
Insightful, observant & intelligent.:-)