Thursday, January 18, 2007

Colombia seizes $54m drugs cash

from the bbc:

The cash came from shipments delivered by the Norte del Valle cartel, which Washington says has moved more than 500 tons of cocaine to the US.

The first stash of $19m was found in vacuum packed blocks hidden behind a false wall in Cali.

Three other hoards were found earlier this week around the city.

President Alvaro Uribe said he wanted to congratulate the police for a "great accomplishment".

"This is a positive step toward having a Colombia without rebel organisations, without paramilitaries, without drug traffickers or corruption," he told reporters.

that’s complete bollocks, and rhetoric, mr. uribe. it’s impossible to stop a product from being sold that has a 17,000% profit.

that’s why nobody’s done it. including yours and the united states government.

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